More Lifelike

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Sunjacket - More Lifelike (2021)

More Lifelike 2021

  1. Gate
  2. In My Head
  3. No Coast
  4. More Lifelike
  5. Ride
  6. Machine
  7. Passenger
  8. All Of The Time
  9. How Can I Even
  10. Take It Apart
  11. Uptight
Sunjacket - More Lifelike (2021)

Mantra 2016

  1. Granstanders
  2. Creepy
  3. Dissolve It
  4. Habit
  5. Tongue
  6. No One's Around You
  7. Not Enough
  8. Alligator
  9. Someone ELse
  10. Mantra




There’s an elusive waveform, waiting to be discovered, that captures the sonic essence of a gluten-free, dairy-free frozen pizza. Just like there’s a perfectly color-graded lens flare to convey the fact that while your parents won’t be around forever, your insurance company will be here long after you’ve uploaded your consciousness to AWS.

Sunjacket LLC—founded just over a decade after the Y2K scare—is a boutique digital communications and brand experience agency that specializes in agonizing over such nuanced creative decisions and delivering quality solutions at the agreed-upon time, often earlier.

“We couldn’t be more serious about surpassing our clients’ expectations,” says Bryan Kveton (Head of Client Expectations), “but we also like to have a little fun on the side.” He smiles and nods toward the agency band’s collection of rare and vintage synthesizers, guitars, and drum machines yellowing in the sunlit corner of their open-plan workspace.

Congruent with what that sun-drenched synthesizer nursery suggests, Sunjacket’s employees are no strangers to the limelight. After releasing their debut LP Mantra in the fall of 2016, the agency was invited to deliver an interactive industry keynote on musical synergy at SXSW, a presentation which was seen by dozens.

“If people walked away from that booth with one takeaway,” says Carl Hauck (Managing Director, Email), “it was that making records is the most reliable way to reduce your taxable income.”

Sunjacket’s sophomore album, More Lifelike, is dark, yet optimistic; synth-driven and melodic; with acoustic-electronic hybrid beats and spatial sound design that envelop the introspection of the songwriting. It’s the background music a quality assurance engineer might put on in the days leading up to their triumphant resignation; it’s headphone rock for spreadsheet lovers.

“We’re trying to say something with this music that can’t be said with a slide deck,” says Garret Bodette (SVP, Agency Communications). “At the same time, we have an obligation to meet the client’s demands when it comes to the physical packaging. The typography alone needs to say, ‘This 180-gram vinyl record, derived from virgin PVC, will help soothe your eco-anxiety.’ And that’s a tall order. These are the kinds of pixels we’re massaging every day. Is it one to the right? Two to the left? Sometimes, it’s both.”

More Lifelike is out now and shipping to locations all over the globe.

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